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Driving fast, Johnny never cared about the speed limit. As the story goes, when Johnny was 16 he was going through driving education class at his high school. When he finally got to his driving part of the class, Johnny was over-excited. He listened to his driving teacher closely as he was learning to drive on the highway. The teacher was surprised at Johnny's performance, because in the classroom Johnny was a cut-up and a menace. He smiled when he looked at his passing grade, and couldn't wait to get his drivers license.
Not long had passed and it was time for Johnny to get his official driver's license. When the officer and Johnny was out on the road, Johnny apparently made some mistakes. The officer turned to Johnny and said he was 'failing the driving test.' This comment made Johnny furious and he snapped. Johnny pressed on the accelerater and sped up, making his way onto the freeway. The officer screaming at Johnny, telling him 'to slow down.' Johnny darted onto the freeway and accelerated to about 105mph. The officer still screaming at Johnny telling him 'to slow down.' Johnny gets the car to about 140mph and starts weiving through cars on the freeway. By now the officer is going crazy and hysterical. Luckily, somehow the police never see Johnny going this fast darting in and out of cars.
Johnny says to himself, "I'm getting my license no matter what."
He turns the steering wheel and now is darting through on-coming traffic.
The officer is screaming at Johnny, telling him to 'slow down and get back to the other side of the road.' Johnny just went faster. The officer screaming, "you're gonna kill us."
Now he's dodging cars at speeds of 155mph and the tachometer needle breaks.
Johnny thinks to himself, "hey this like that videogame I play at home." So he smiles thinking this is fun. By now the officer is scared to death. Johnny sees a car coming toward them at good distance away, he says to himself, this is the one.
Johnny turns to look at the officer, and says, "I'm getting my license today." The officer replys back, "I don't think so." Johnny says firmly, "Look lady I dont think you understand the situation we are in right now, We could hit a car head-on at any time, You understand now!!"
Nodding her head, she replies crying, "Yes I understand, but please stop the car."
Johnny points to the car heading straight for them in the distance out to her, the two cars getting closer by the minute. Zoom, zoom, horns honk as Johnny speeds by. The scared female officer crying and shaking from Johnny's maniac behavour. Then he firmly says, "We are playing chicken with that car and we could die doing it, so whats it going to be lady?"

2 years has passed, and Johnny's 18 now with his driver's license. He still speeds around not caring for the speed limit. This particular day is Johnny's birthday. For his birthday, Johnny's friends throw him a birthday party. 'A great party it was' Johnny thought. He had been drinking and got bored with just sitting around. He gathered up some friends and said, "We're taking a ride."
Everybody in the car was drunk, singing and laughing. A couple of Johnny's friends would yell at people walking on the sidewalk.
Johnny speeding around and merged onto a road that he wasn't familiar with that area. He didn't care. However, this road ended with a deadend, and unfinished bridge. Now Johnny's speeding closer to death. He speeds by a road sign, nobody paid attention what it said.
A friend in the backseat yelled, "What did that sign say?"
Johnny speaks up laughing and says, "That sign said you're a lame-O." "Fuck you man", the guy spits back. Getting closer to the bridge, he speeds by another road sign and someone yells, "They're doing some kinda road work ahead!" Johnny ignores the statement.
Johnny speeding down the road and drunk, a girl in the front seat is past out, two guys and a girl in the back seat drunk too. One guy in the backseat reaches into his pocket to get a cigarette and instead pulls out a party-popper. This party-popper has a bright flash when exploded. He looks at it and says, "Cool", and yells out, "Everybody wanna see something cool?" Everybody says, "Yeahhh."
The guy lights the party-popper and it explodes into a very bright flash inside the car. Everybody including Johnny squints their eyes from being blinded. Johnny yells out, "What the fuck was that?" The guy in the back seat replies, "A party-popper dude." When Johnny finally got his eyes adjusted from the bright flash, the car goes over the edge of the unfinished bridge. Unknowing whats going on at the time, the guy in the back seat is still laughing.
this is one of many short stories I've written over the years.

Originally, i wrote ALL my short stories, in hopes of getting published as a novel oneday.

This dream Still hasn't happened.

**If you don't like to read, please pass go and don't collect 200$**;)
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fateless88 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006
:XD: That's some crazy kid, cool story though man.
Gemmfyre666 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
this is great hun =)
Quinchilla Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
whew. creepy. but i like it!
SvenKratt Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
I am impressed. Great story man. Oh bittersweet irony :D
Guitarian Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Great story Bro, I like the Ending!
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